YUSU announces new campaigns for Academic Assembly

Graeme Osborn is spearheading the new campaign ©YUSU

YUSU has announced plans for several campaigns to be launched at the upcoming Academic Assembly, the fifth this year.

The Student Unions' Academic Officer Graeme Osborn has revealed that one of the campaigns he will launch is called “Assess your assessment” and will gather feedback from students.

The comments will then be used to lobby the university to improve feedback and assessment across academic courses.

In a statement, Osborn said: “Only the students know how much they get out of the current assessment and feedback, therefore student and course rep involvement will be key to make this campaign a success... The more data we can gather, the more the university will listen to us.”

At the assembly, there will also be a discussion on the University of York joining the Russell Group of universities, with YUSU stating at the time of the announcement: “This is especially important as nobody consulted YUSU or the students on the university's change of mission groups.”

There will also be information provided on how students will soon be able to propose and decide which policies YUSU should focus on in the coming year, but this will not come into effect in time for this academic year.

In a statement the Academic Chair Tørris Rasmussen said: “Since I started working with YUSU in the drafting group for the new by-laws we have come a long way in making YUSU into a more student led union.

"With the new changes in the policy process I hope that the students will feel that they're the ones that decide YUSU's future."

The assembly also gives students the chance to directly question the officers and YUSU on academic issues, and is open to all students.

The Academic Assembly will be held on Monday 30th April, at 6.30pm in L/047. More information, including a detailed agenda, is available in the official blog post.

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