Talking York Sport with Charlotte Winter

The battle for York Sport President in this year’s YUSU election could be considered the closest race across the entire field. Hoping to secure enough votes to take the job is Charlotte Winter, and here’s what happened when The Yorker caught up with her at URY Candidate Interview Night.

Standing outside the green room at Candidate Interview Night is not a particularly fun place to be when everyone is rushing around preparing for interviews, so it was a breath of fresh air to sit down and interview Charlotte Winter, who must be one of the most personable candidates in the field. I wanted to ask her about her campaign, experiences and plans for York Sport should she become YUSU Sports President.

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The Yorker: What kind of experiences would you bring to the role?

Charlotte Winter: I’m the current College Sport Officer on the York Sport committee which means that I have good knowledge of sport on all levels at York and that I know how York Sport works. I play both Netball and Lacrosse and currently captain the University Netball Barbarians team. Sport has made my time at university, and I want to see improvements on what we already have here at York.

TY: So talking about improvements, what are your plans?

CW: I want to see a unified York Sport. It’s no good having lots of separate parts to what should be one organisation. We could make Wednesday afternoons massive at York, there is no reason why that shouldn’t happen and I want to see it become a reality.

TY: Obviously you have had lots of dealings with college sport, so where does that fit into everything?

CW: I feel so passionately about college sport, it’s been my baby for the last year! I really do feel that York is so lucky to be a collegiate university and it is something that we should be making more use of in my opinion. Sport can be at the heart of that, but to make it happen we need to massively increase participation in college sport and make it more accessible for everyone. The introduction of college 3rds leagues next year will help with that, but we need to make further extensions. I also think that creating more college barbarian teams could really benefit college sport. If you look at Durham, their college sport participation rate is up at around 85%. I want to make it so that York can compete with that kind of figure.

TY: One thing that keeps cropping up with regards to York Sport is the issue of discipline. How do you think York Sport should deal with ill-discipline and to what extent should clubs take responsibility for the actions of individuals?

CW: Well obviously there has to be individual responsibility but I do feel that if an individual is representing a club and behaves irresponsibly then the club has to answer to that. If necessary I will take a hard line approach towards people who don’t act responsibly but communication is key. I want to make sure that York Sport is accessible and approachable, so if people feel that there are problems with discipline then they can come to York Sport or contact the people in charge of the club. It is a shame when these things break through media stories.

Overall view... There is no doubt that Winter is an extremely competent candidate in this election. She spoke of accessibility and approachability and after speaking to her I am pretty sure that her charismatic, bubbly personality would allow for York Sport to improve in those areas. This is a candidate who knows York Sport inside out and has been involved on all levels which are undoubted strengths in her campaign. It is clear that she cares passionately about college sport and would look to make vast improvements in that area should she win this election battle.

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