Introducing The Yorker's pundit panel

Over the next few weeks, our pundit panel will be there to assess the ins and outs of the election, and bring you the latest analysis on the YUSU elections. Here's who will be taking you through the thrills and the spills of the next two weeks:

Alan Belmore (Chair)

©Alan Belmore

I'm Alan and elections fascinate me - and YUSU elections are no different. In 2010, I stood as a Parliamentary Candidate in the General Election and in 2011 I was out on the streets campaigning in the national referendum on changing the voting system.

At the beginning of the Autumn term I became Financial Director of The Yorker, and have a passion for student journalism and the good it can do on campus. These YUSU elections are particularly interesting because there are no parties or slates - you're making a very personal decision about the future of your union. I hope we can guide you through it by looking at what the candidates are doing and why, and how the campaign evolves.

Aimee Howarth

©Alan Belmore

I'm Aimee and I'm current editor of The Yorker and a third year English Literature Student. As a journalist, the things I'm most interested in for these elections is looking at the media aspect of candidates and their campaigning.

How will candidates use the media and will it impact on the results? Will candidates implement interesting and usual campaigning or will they fall into the shadows? Not only is this interesting for me as an editor and reporter, but it's also crucial for the voters and candidates as to how their campaigns play out and win them votes.

Gillian Love

©Gillian Love

I'm Gillian, The Yorker's Satire Editor, English Literature student, and...I have no idea who most of the election candidates are, their relative merits, or their past faux pas. I do, however, like opinionated people, being an opinionated person myself, and watching opinionated people go up against opinionated people is always interesting.

I'll be listening to candidates' ideas, and figuring out what people on campus actually think about the candidates' characters, too. I'm always interested in working out the type of person who runs for YUSU positions (if there is a type), and how much voters weigh a candidate's personal conduct and character against their ideas.

Ben McGladdery

©Ben McGladdery

My name is Ben, a Masters student studying social media and management.

My experience and interest in these elections stems from last year, when I ran unsuccessfully for the position of YorkSport president.

The elections excite me as we see a whole host of different characters and individuals run, and despite tradition and stereotypes literally anyone can run if they want to! All you need is the passion to try!

The other interesting aspect of elections we are guaranteed to see is how the hopefuls campaign. A successful campaign is a mix of popularity, good campaign promises, trust, careful planning and committed canvassing.

Will our potential YUSU-ers find the right balance of these?! Or will they fall on their arses!! Time will tell!!

Peter Spence

©Peter Spence

I'm Peter and I've been active in a number of political societies during my time at York, most notably Freedom Society and Debating.

While working towards a degree in Economics, a lot of my time has been spent campaigning on various YUSU referenda and motions and working in YUSU's Societies Committee.

During these elections I will be particularly interested to see which issues candidates choose to focus on.

With fees increasing for this year's intake, will sabb-hopefuls stress value for money, or during a critical period of expansion will they seek to ensure a smooth transition for students as our numbers swell?

Cem Turhan

©Cem Turhan

I'm Cem, former Langwith Chair, former Yorker deputy editor and current YUSU LGBT Officer (and probably one of the only people to ever be both a college chair and a part time officer). I've worked with most of the candidates for all the positions so I know them pretty well, as well as working with YUSU, so I'm confident I know who would be best in each position.

I'm particularly interested in candidate motivation for running for the positions, as well as the policies people are running under. We are moving towards students being consumers of the university, and this up-coming year being crucial in deciding where the extra fees money will be placed in the plans for the next five or so years in regards to plans for the University, which YUSU are heavily invested in.

Look out for the first pundit panel article, coming soon!

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