University of York Barbell win Northern University Championships

Image: University of York Barbell
Image: University of York Barbell

The University of York’s Power-lifting team came first in the Northern University Championships. The Team consisted of Toby Cracknell (Vice President), William Dirkin, Georgie McDonald (President), Abbie Mycroft, Kajsa Dinesson (Treasurer) and Holly Chesney. 

For the first time in the history of the team, University of York Barbell came first and won the Northern University Championships. They are officially the strongest team in the North!

The team had a number of first time competitors including; William Dirkin (4th in the 93kg category), Holly Chesney (1st in the 57kg category) and Abbie Mycroft (1st in the 72kg category). The competition has been running for five years, and was Barbell’s first win. The breakdown of the results are as follows:


Toby Cracknell Vice President (1st in the 93kg category)

William Dirkin (4th in the 93kg category)

Georgie McDonald President (1st in the 84kg category)

Abbie Mycroft (1st in the 72kg category)

Kajsa Dinesson Treasurer (2nd in the 72kg category)

Holly Chesney (1st in the 57kg category)


Image: Kajsa Dinesson, Treasurer
Image: Kajsa Dinesson, Treasurer


Barbell have also just recently announced they are competing in this years Roses competition against Lancaster, that will take place between Friday 3rd and Sunday 5th May 2019.

In April, Barbell are also sending a team to compete in the Women’s British University Championships near Northampton, which will take place between 13th and 14th.


Image: University of York, Barbell
Image: University of York Barbell Team


Well done to all who competed! We will keep you posted on the results of the British University Championships and Roses in due course.

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