Brook v Hatton: Confident Kell shows he is 'The Special One'

If the world’s elite welterweights were vaguely aware of the name Kell Brook, they will certainly know a lot more about him now after a superb performance saw the Sheffield boxer overcome Matthew Hatton on a unanimous points decision at Sheffield Arena last night to unequivocally define himself as the best welterweight fighter in Britain.

With a sell out crowd in Brook’s home town behind him, the 25 year old fighter took control of the fight from the first round and showed that his patient yet potently aggressive style was no match for his much scrappier opponent, who never managed to get a foothold in the fight.

Brook was the bookies favourite going into the event, and never particularly looked flustered in the early stages of the fight, taking a position in the centre of the ring and picking his punches carefully. Most people expected Hatton to come out and take the fight to Brook in the early stages but the crowd witnessed a slightly erratic boxing style from the Manchester man, leaning predominantly from his back foot and trying to launch big right hand assaults onto Brook’s chin and upper body.

Hatton’s inconsistency only allowed for Brook to grow in both stature and confidence as the fight entered the middle rounds, with the Lancashire fighter seemingly having no answer to his Roses rival’s commanding position and accurate punching. Hatton did land a solid right hand on Brook’s chin in the 5th round, but the blow only served to spur the fans favourite on and despite the heavy knock, Brook still emerged from the round with his glove raised to his army of fans, knowing that he was in full control of the fight.

Brook’s dominance continued and Hatton was downed in the 6th round by what firstly appeared to be a shuddering left hook, but replays showed that Hatton actually lost balance when trying to avoid a Brook onslaught. The Manchester man became much more dogmatic in the later rounds and took his fight much closer to Brook to try and counter the Sheffield fighter’s superior reach and height, but was never able to land the punches that he needed to trouble his opponent

Hatton’s punching became much more erratic and inconsistent in the final two rounds and everything about his body language suggested he was having to muster all his energy and determination to simply stay in the contest. Brook stayed in control and refused to panic, landing solid accurate punches on Hatton’s face and upper body with a high degree of accuracy, and everything about the way he fought oozed class and confidence.

There is no better welterweight in Britain than Kell Brook, and the way he dispatched Hatton with alarming ease will send a warning to the rest of the world: Kell is coming.

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