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Is FIFA finally finished?

This week sees FIFA thrown back into the unwanted, and revealing, spotlight amidst fresh allegations of bribery in relation to the 2006 Germany World Cup bid. Franz Beckenbauer, along with three other high-ranking officials, are thought to have purchased votes using millions of Euros that were falsely listed as Gala expenses. When the Fédération Internationale […]

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Summer Transfer Window: Who did the best business?

Image: Eurosport As transfer deadline day draws near, you can almost hear the sound of Arsene Wenger swatting thick cobwebs away from the Arsenal FC chequebook; his frugal, old hands reluctantly preparing another, ultimately, doomed offer. Meanwhile, Leicester fans look forlornly around the King Power, hoping N’Golo Kante is just playing an elaborate prank on them […]

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Water polo, the rugby of water sports

Serbia took the gold medal in the men’s water polo at the 2016 Olympic Games yesterday, defeating Croatia with ten points to eight in a close, hard-fought game. Fighting for the bronze medal, Italy pipped Montenegro’s team at the post, scoring the crucial goal to determine their third place in the last thirty seconds of their game. Water polo is one […]

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Rio 2016: Nations, Contaminations and Swimming Sensations

Image Credit: Getty Images/Bick Photos   The 2016 Rio Olympics began this week, both hotly anticipated and surrounded by the usual socio-political turmoil we’ve become accustomed to any international event attracting. Enshrouded in clouds of Zika virus, this Olympics has already made headlines for reasons mostly concerning security and infrastructural shortcomings. This years Games motto: […]