Top 5 Films of 2014 SO FAR....

Ben Sayer picks his Top 5 films of the year so far...
Ben Sayer | 27 July 2014 |

There are great films coming out of YSC's ears this term!
The Yorker Arts Team | 24 April 2014

One of the least known masterpieces of Japanese cinema.
Stephen Thorne | 23 March 2014

Toby King imagines the best team up for a film adaption of this classic novel
Toby King | 22 March 2014

Yet to be made into a film, Lilli Hender takes the opportunity to cast Jamaica Kincaid's 'Lucy'.
Lilli Hender | 19 March 2014

Ben Sayer recasts the classic play and film A Streetcar Named Desire in our new feature!
Ben Sayer | 14 March 2014

Five solos from the master of oddity.
Stephen Thorne | 11 March 2014

A landmark for racial equality in Hollywood, In the Heat of the Night has stood the test of time.
Stephen Thorne | 4 March 2014

All the world is a stage in this fascinating satire on theatrical eccentricities.
Liffey O'Brien | 31 January 2014

To kick off our new film feature, Liffey O'Brien reviews Hollywood classic Gone with the Wind.
Liffey O'Brien | 27 January 2014

The Film Team offer up their opinion of the year's best films.
Ben Sayer, Stephen Thorne and Lilli Hender | 30 December 2013

Punch-Drunk Love
Adam Sandler like you have never seen him before.
Stephen Thorne | 23 July 2014

Harrison Ford protects an Amish boy from crooked cops.
Stephen Thorne | 21 July 2014

Gary Oldman
Ben Sayer takes a look at some of the best accents in film.
Ben Sayer | 3 March 2014

Academy Award
Ben Sayer guides us through the Oscars.
Ben Sayer | 28 February 2014

"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again." Liffey O'Brien revisits Hitchcock's classic, Rebecca.
Liffey O'Brien | 23 February 2014

Ben Sayer takes a look at the years biggest Turkeys.
Ben Sayer | 22 December 2013

Golden Globes red carpet
The Golden Globes do all but shine, says Ben Sayer
Ben Sayer | 16 December 2013
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