Vicky Beeching

God, Gays and Cognitive Dissonance Part I

The Vindication of Feuerbach and why ‘God Loves Gays’ is a step in the wrong direction
Jack Staples-Butler | 28 August 2014 |

An anonymous student argues against the Government and society's attitudes towards alcohol and other, less legal substances
Anonymous | 4 July 2014

Is the campus news media fulfilling its proper role?
Stephen Thorne | 3 July 2014

With voting open on the NUS Referendum, Jack Chadwick comments.
Jack Chadwick | 8 June 2014

Tom addresses the criticisms Fargo has received, oh jeez
Tom Stranney | 29 May 2014

Michael Carr argues against Michael Gove's plans to remove American literature from GCSE syllabuses
Michael Carr | 25 May 2014

Michael Carr argues that Maria Miller's failings highlights the pointlessness of mandatory female shortlists.
Michael Carr | 12 April 2014

Courtney comments on recent debates on gender-specific books and the banning of free books for prisoners
Courtney Garner | 11 April 2014

Emily argues the nomakeupselfie craze is popular for the wrong reasons
Emily Henderson | 28 March 2014

UK aid
The UK can give more when it comes to foreign aid, Matt explains why
Matt Sharp | 22 August 2014

In 1994, a forgotten sociology text predicted a warrior subculture now sweeping the U.S.
Jack Staples-Butler | 15 August 2014

Oxfam clothes bank
Bianca looks at the recent Save the Children ad campaign and the necessity of attracting student donation
Bianca Jenkins | 11 May 2014

Daily Mail Subway  Halal Article Image
YN Gan comments on public reactions to the Daily Mail's article on Subway's announcement regarding serving halal meat
Gan Yu Neng | 10 May 2014

Chloe discusses the implications of David Cameron's Easter message
Chloe Farand | 25 April 2014

Death Penalty
Courtney discusses the ongoing BBC documentary "Life and Death Row," and the contradictions in the Texan system
Courtney Garner | 20 March 2014

Simon advocates the need for a balance of focus when tackling gender inequality
Simon Lillistone | 12 March 2014
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