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What is the point of the World T20?

Inconsequential cricket in all its glory.
Stephen Thorne | 19 March 2014 |

After failing to bore their team mates with a presentation, four Australian cricketers have been dropped from the national squad
Tim Bierley | 11 March 2013

Stephen Puddicombe previous England's next upcoming Test series
Stephen Puddicombe | 14 November 2012

James Tompkinson looks at Andrew Strauss' decision to resign as England captain and the implications the move has for the team.
James Tompkinson | 29 August 2012

James Tompkinson examines the politics surrounding the recent problems with Kevin Pietersen and the England dressing room.
James Tompkinson | 27 August 2012

Andy Pakes provides a preview of the upcoming ODI series
Andy Pakes | 28 June 2012

Tom Maynard's untimely death has shocked the cricketing world
Andy Pakes | 19 June 2012

Dave Hughes looks at the difference in the rise to prominence of current and past England players.
Dave Hughes | 29 May 2012

Analysis of England's fourth consecutive test defeat on the subcontinent
Andy Pakes | 29 March 2012

Sports Editor James Tompkinson argues that James Anderson is one of the best bowlers to ever play for England.
James Tompkinson | 26 March 2012

Manraj Bahra looks at the rise of South African bowler Vernon Philander.
Manraj Bahra | 26 March 2012

Ravi Bopara still remains low in the batting order despite his seniority.
Is it time to drop the serial underperformer?
Stephen Thorne | 3 March 2014

Stuart Broad
Sports Editor James Tompkinson looks at England's upcoming summer and whether they will still be the number one test side in the world by the end of it.
James Tompkinson | 18 April 2012

England v Sri Lanka
Andy Pakes reviews England's win over Sri Lanka in Colombo
Andy Pakes | 7 April 2012

England cricket
Dave Hughes looks at how strong England's bowling attack is.
Dave Hughes | 6 April 2012

Manraj Bahra looks at the issue of ball tampering in cricket.
Manraj Bahra | 24 March 2012

England cricket
Sports Editor James Tompkinson looks at the problem areas within the England team and how to solve them.
James Tompkinson | 14 March 2012
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