Could cycling harm your manhood?

Can regular cycling cause impotence?
Editorial Team | 2 August 2014 |

Eloise Stoker tells the boys that their lifestyle is just not good enough!
Eloise Stoker | 8 May 2013

Confused by smart casual dress? Darren Brown has you covered
Darren Brown | 30 April 2013

Single this V-day? Read Darren's singleton guide to help you make it through the night
Darren Brown | 13 February 2013

Helena gives her view on the concept of the 'friendzone'.
Helena Horton | 25 January 2013

Why are the words "I love you like a friend" such bad news?
Ian Lau | 20 January 2013

Longing for a cuddle and got some tuna handy? Brian's the man for you
Lydia Winter | 5 January 2013

Why Helena considers Bob Hughes, the Welfare Officer to be the perfect man
Helena Horton | 17 December 2012

What is it really like to live with girls? James Tompkinson offers his take on the matter.
James Tompkinson | 16 August 2012

...apart from them being smelly and having cooties, obviously.
Jess Astbury | 20 June 2012

Lauren Tabbron debates whether gender equality means the end to the ‘man’s man’
Lauren Tabbron | 2 February 2012

dead lift
4 simple goals to achieve your personalized workout
Russell James Woo | 27 April 2014

Uni Lad
Christian Walsh, donning his pith helmet and comedy hatchet goes about campus in search of the 'lad'
Christian Walsh | 20 November 2013

Helena tells all about her crush on Tommy Fong, and why everyone else should fancy him too.
Helena Horton | 3 December 2012

Darren Brown recommends the best moustaches to grow this Movember
Darren Brown | 4 November 2012

agony bloke
The Agony Bloke comes to the rescue.
Agony Bloke | 14 October 2012

Manly Biceps
Is it possible to be a 'manly gentleman'? Yes. Yes it is.
Jason Rose | 26 January 2012

Neanderthal man
Introducing our new modern man columnist
John Smith | 20 January 2012
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