Why can’t I orgasm during sex?

Are you part of the 80% of women that find it hard to orgasm through penetrative sex?
bethany wilson | 8 June 2014 |

Bethany Wilson goes boldly where so few of us dare tread finding comedy and romance along the way.
Bethany Wilson | 8 November 2013

'Catch a goat you've pulled' is nothing on these.
Harriet Myzak-Douglas | 15 May 2013

Are you considering doing a Ross and Rachel? Consider this first.
Lauren Smith | 13 May 2013

So you're alone, glum and poor. Jade Richardson helps students with one of those problems.
Jade Richardson | 4 April 2013

How to spot the singletons amongst us!
Jess Astbury | 5 March 2013

Darren explores some of the best (and worst) ways to break up with a partner
Darren Brown | 25 February 2013

Feeling a little lonely this Valentines? Harriet says 'Man up'!
Harriet Myzak-Douglas | 14 February 2013

Want a relationship? My advice: don't.
Farrah Kelly | 30 December 2012

Maybe you just really, really like cats, okay?
Rachel Brown | 10 December 2012

There's no excuse not to stay in touch when you have smartphones on your side.
Lauren Smith | 30 November 2012

The things that Disney never talk about
bethany wilson | 1 April 2014

Having spent six months with only a bit of plastic for company, Gina Quinn, looks for something more intimate.
Gina Quinn | 21 January 2014

Mojo couple
Jane Fieldsend gives advice to those unable to be with their loved one on Valentines Day
Jane Fieldsend | 12 February 2013

Valentine's biscuits
Helena shares her tips on how to be single on this cursed celebration of sickening love.
Helena Horton | 11 February 2013

On the prowl in Vodka Revs? Here's a few pointers to help you pull
Darren Brown | 28 January 2013

TheyFit tell us why they believe they're part of the condom revolution
Editorial Team | 25 November 2012

Helena shares some embarrassing moments that her and her friends have had on first dates.
Helena Horton | 23 November 2012
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