Colombia’s big referendum: time for peace?

While Britain has just come out of what many were calling a “generation-defining” referendum, the people of Colombia are about to vote on something much bigger than EU membership. Colombians will soon go to the polls to ratify a peace deal made with a guerrilla Marxist organisation called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or […]

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Theresa’s titans? The new Cabinet examined

Shortly after 6pm on Wednesday 13th July 2016, Prime Minister Theresa May stood outside 10 Downing Street to speak to the nation. After nearly three weeks of political chaos, uncertainty, and fear, Mrs May’s speech was a moment of clarity and reassurance. Promising recognition and hope for those often marginalised by the government, May pledged to […]

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May Day

As May takes No. 10, a divided Britain takes its first step towards certainty after the EU referendum. It could be argued that during these times of unprecedented uncertainty May’s leadership marks a move towards stability. Given the tremendously difficult circumstances she is up against, the key question is who will Theresa May choose to help rebuild […]

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The Conservative leadership election: Theresa May’s coronation or Michael Gove’s coming-of-age?

The EU referendum has produced one of the most volatile periods of British politics in recent times. On one side, Jeremy Corbyn faces a tremendous centre-left coalition demanding his resignation. On the other, there is a fiery debate beginning within the Conservative Party. After the deep divisions that the EU campaign has exposed, reuniting the party will be […]