About the Alumni Scheme

The Yorker’s Alumni Membership system aims to connect you, as former members of the company, to the current ones, to help to keep you involved and allow you to pass on your knowledge and experience.

We hope to make the experience as productive and enjoyable as your previous time with The Yorker.

How does it work?
To gain Alumni Membership, we ask that you pay an annual donation of £15 to the company. This will give you alumni privileges, including a termly newsletter, event invitations, and also allows you to write on the website and have an alumni profile.

What happens to my money?
Money donated will go towards sustaining our website and archives, as well as providing new equipment for The Yorker, such as dictaphones, video recorders and media software.

We are also always looking to develop our marketing strategies to increase The Yorker’s profile on campus and around the city, and your financial support will go a long way towards helping us achieve this.

To join The Yorker's Alumni, click the button below to set up your £15 annual subscription fee. You can cancel your subscription at any time but this will also terminate all Alumni privileges.

Please note: payment of this donation does not provide membership of the company and alumni members do not guarantee the company.

Payments can also be paid via a bank transfer - please email for more details.

What next?
Please register on the website if you have not already done so, pay the donation and then you will receive alumni status and access on the website, so you can get involved.

If you wish to have an Alumni profile, please contact for more details.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook page and LinkedIn Yorker Alumni group too to keep in touch with other members.