Who We Are

The Yorker is a student-run company which provides campus and local news, comment and reviews, boasts thriving arts and lifestyle sections and brings you all the latest campus and professional sport.

The company was conceived in 2006 by two students, journalist Daniel Ashby and computer scientist Nick Evans. Beginning as the pair's part-time project, The Yorker has blossomed into the University of York's largest student-run company.

With no political or campus affiliations, The Yorker is the University of York’s only independent media outlet and this ensures our coverage comes with a unique character.

The Yorker is also a private limited company so is self-sufficient and any profits made are donated to charity. The sponsored charity for 2011-2012 is The Samaritans.

As the sole online media outlet on campus, The Yorker offers unrivalled 24-hour publishing and, attracting over 750,000 hits each year, we are quickly becoming the top source for media at York, with the website’s comment system encouraging students to engage in debates so The Yorker knows what is important to its audience.

The company’s three teams – journalism, technical and business – is each headed by a director and the groups work together to offer a wide range of opportunities for diverse student involvement

With The Yorker’s website sections ranging from news, politics and satire to sport, lifestyle, arts and culture, the journalism team offers a field for all interests and no end of topics to be covered and reviewed.

The Yorker encourages use of innovative media, incorporating videocasts and podcasts into many of its publications and welcomes any aspiring photographers. The Yorker is also expanding its audience through use of Facebook and Twitter, to diversify our coverage and follow our aspiration of being at the cutting edge of media and technology.

Through live-blogs, as seen over the years at Roses and YUSU elections, The Yorker can provide to-the-minute coverage of the most important events on campus.

The Yorker also has its own business team, offering the chance for students to get involved with the financial, advertising and marketing side too in order to develop knowledge and experience of working for a registered company.

Finally, The Yorker’s web team is responsible for maintaining and developing the website, managing everything from site coding to graphic design, and is crucial to The Yorker and its status as an online media outlet.

The Yorker Aspires To

The aims and objectives of The Yorker Ltd are to exhibit high quality and original talent from York students and alumni, provide broad-appeal reviews and commentaries on issues that students may find interesting, and communicate matters of relevance to students in an impartial, accurate and non-sensationalised manner, whilst developing all members of The Yorker Ltd and building a strong community in a safe way.

Alongside focussing on removing bias and improving quality, The Yorker Ltd also seeks to continually advance and establish its innovation, interaction and independence.