Library upgrade for Spring Term

Countless days spent in the library cramming in revision and trying to write that last crucial paragraph just before the deadline, can sometimes, be quite a costly affair. The Morrell library kindly provides us with a cafe and Costa coffee, full of overpriced drinks and sandwiches. After a good few days spent in the library, more often than not, you may feel quite short of change.


However, this Spring term witnesses the launch of the highly anticipated Fairhurst Kitchen located in LFA 124. It will provide a microwave, hot boiler machine, and a cold water dispenser. This has been highly requested so that students can save money by bringing in their own food and making their own hot drinks. Instead of having to rely on buying sandwiches and such, students will now be able to bring in their own lunches and even use the microwave to heat things up.

Hopefully this will make those long study sessions a bit more bearable in the weeks to come and especially around the exam period.

The new kitchen was made possible thanks to years of YUSU Sabbatical Officer Teams lobbying and campaigning and it is now here! Enjoy!

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