The reasons behind #Demo2012

The three e’s, Educate, Employ, Empower make up the root of the student’s argumentation against the government’s decision to raise the tuition fees from £3000 to £9000 in a single year.

YUSU supports the DEMO ©YUSU

Today, the 21st of November, students from universities all over the UK, including the University of York, will march through London. Their main aim is to have their concerns put back on the National agenda. The NUS, which stands for National Union of Students, and YUSU, wholly support this demonstration.

Moreover, YUSU has organized a whole procedure so that students with only £5 can go and protest. YUSU through its website states: “We’ll be demonstrating against falling funding for Higher Education and spiraling fees, to demand more for the degrees that we’re paying for, shout out against the shocking level of Youth Unemployment and to re-empower a generation who've been betrayed by the MPs who have lied to them, and by a Government who’s forgotten about them. Now’s the time to Reclaim Your Future, so join us and students nationwide, In Reclaiming Our Future.”

NUS has already set up a program which starts with the assembly of the demonstrators at a key rally point, where there will be a range of high profile political speakers. They say that: “With placards, banners and chants we will be using the opportunity to educate the public about our concerns, and to demonstrate to policy makers that we are united in our demands.The decision to hold the demo on a Wednesday was taken because this is when Prime Minister’s Questions are held, making it the best day to make an impact on policy makers and the press.”

Education is being “attacked” and limited to only a small number of students who can fund their tuition fees. Also, the government according to NUS: “scraps the EMA, slashes undergraduate teaching funding, increases tuition fees, introduces draconian restriction on international students, cuts funds for post- graduate students, hikes fees for adult learners looking to gain basic skills”.

Employment sees a constant declining rate, especially the younger generation’s. Over 1 million youths are unemployed leading to severe consequences all over the society. “We do not need degrading, exploitative and humiliating workfare schemes - we need fair work and fair pay; sustainable jobs are a necessary building block for a sustainable future and a just society.”

Empowerment means that the people should get the power that they have but do not use, in their hands. “Politicians have let education and employment slip off the agenda, but now we have an opportunity to create a movement that empowers us to take back our future.”

More information and constant coverage are found in the following websites: YUSU, NUS, “The Yorker”

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