Student savours being campus bar landlord

I wonder how it would feel to be landlord of one of the campus’s biggest bars…

Well, Langwith Chair Jack Baker paid £235 in the RAG Blagathon for the experience earlier this term and has taken on the role for a week so The Yorker caught up with him to find out what he’s been up to in his new position.

©The Yorker; Image credit: Aimee Howarth

Jack spoke to us earlier in the week about taking over the Courtyard for week nine and revealed his excitement, saying “I'm in the Courtyard near enough every day as it is, so I think it's great that I finally have a chance to pretend to own it.”

It seems that his dreams have well and truly been fulfilled, thanks to the kindness and efforts of actual Courtyard landlord Laurie, who has rebranded staff uniforms and the bar to display ‘Baker’s Dozen’, Jack’s chosen name for the bar for his time in charge.

Jack also received three bottles of champagne, an engraved tankard to remind him of the purchase and he has a personal booth in the bar reserved for himself and his friends for the week.

Despite taking on his role a few days later than expected after a delay in the rebranding, Psychology student Jack admits that the experience has been amazing and he is enjoying all the special treatment he has been receiving…wouldn’t we all!

“Baker's Dozen is pretty cool, but it is most definitely affecting my ego in ways I couldn't have predicted,” he said. “It is quite nice to be able to wander into the bar and be able to sit down in my booth with friends even during the lunch rush-hour.”

Jack says he has spent most of his time in this personal booth over the last few days, although he isn’t required to be on site all the time, and I imagine he has received many jealous looks from the students fighting for a space in the popular bar.

“Laurie and Paul have been especially great and I've heard rumours they've even kicked people out of the booth when I wasn't there - a bit surreal to be honest,” he revealed.

“The bar staff have been lovely so far and don't seem to hate me too much for being responsible for making them wear Baker's Dozen branded t-shirts!”

He added that he will be taking full advantage of the personal booth and drinks available while he can, saying: “I plan on having my round of drinks and bottles of champers during the Langwith/YUSU bar quiz on Sunday, so watch out for a very wobbly Jack Baker in Revs that night...”

On a serious note, Jack reflected that the experience has been a fantastic one so far and is something that will remain with him for ever.

He said: “Aside from the extremely large (albeit unreasonable) boost to the old ego, it is genuinely awesome to say that I have this opportunity and will no doubt remember it for the rest of my life.”

The Yorker will be speaking to Jack, landlord of 'Baker's Dozen', again later in the week to reflect back on his time in charge so don’t miss it!

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