New condom range launched to protect students

Joe Nelson, CEO of TheyFit, displays their product ©TheyFit

The student community is one of the highest risk areas for STD transmission and unwanted pregnancy but new company TheyFit has launched a new initiative to tackle this problem – custom fit condoms.

The company sells a range of condoms in 95 sizes, which covers 99.9% of sizes witnessed in surveys, and provides a FitKit on its website for visitors to use to find what size to order.

They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if customers are not happy with their fitted product but reviews so far indicate high customer satisfaction.

Joe Nelson, CEO of TheyFit and self-named Condom Revolutionary, revealed: “Along with the gay community, the student community is one of the highest risk areas for STD transmission, as well as unwanted pregnancy. Fortunately condom use can prevent all of those issues!

“The biggest problem with condoms today is non-use and this is driven in turn by them not fitting correctly. A survey in 2010 found that 45% of men complained their condom did not fit, but the actual number is suspected to be much higher because most men don’t realise ‘it doesn’t fit’ is even a valid complaint to have.”

YUSU Welfare Bob Hughes praised the company’s approach to the issue, saying: “I think it's a really interesting idea to help make sure that people have the right sized condoms for them, and it's good to see a company like this focusing on the importance of sexual health and ensuring that people aren't put off using condoms because they're a poor fit.

“YUSU and the university offer students free condoms in a variety of sizes and types, along with various other sexual health supplies, and you can pick these up from the Advice and Support Centre in James College, the Studio in Market Square, the University Health Centre and also Nightline.”

Launched on December 7, 2011, TheyFit has already seen national success and sold every length and width condom in its 95 sizes at least once within 72 hours of opening.

The company has been featured on TV’s This Morning, as well as in major newspapers including the London Evening Standard, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Financial Times and the Mail Online.

Speaking about TheyFit’s success so far, Nelson, a former employee of global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs for 10 years, said: “This somewhat proves both the concept and the demand. It is such a common-sense approach to encouraging men to play safely.


“Fitted condoms represent the biggest development in safe sex for nearly 100 years. Students represent one of the highest ‘risk vector’ populations but fitted condoms have a real chance to change that.”

The five major factors in men’s reluctance to use condoms are that the product is too loose, too tight, too short, slipped off or broke, all of which can be fixed with a correctly fitting condom.

Nelson argues that most men believe one size fits all as they have been led to believe that as latex stretches it can fit everyone, but he told The Yorker that “stretched latex will feel tight (bad) and for the less endowed gentleman the latex can’t ‘de-stretch’ to fit and simply falls off”.

He likened finding the correct size to buying a pair of shoes or a bra in order to find “a product where comfortable fit is most important of all”.

“Because sex is a much to do with psychology as it is physiology, the more comfortable the man is with his choice of condom, the better the experience overall will be,” he said.

“The perception that various sizes already exist owes more to clever marketing than anything else. A popular British brand markets an “XL” condom that is shockingly just 1mm wider than their standard condom!”

Nelson added that the FitKit uses random codes rather than terms like small, medium and large to deal with any concerns men might have about their size. These size codes on the packets are removable stickers so only the purchaser knows what code has been bought and is being used.

TheyFit’s customised condoms come as a result of 15 years’ research encapsulating new manufacturing methods and the updating of international safety standards to ensure both the highest quality and safety assured condoms to offer unparalleled levels of comfort, pleasure and enjoyment.

Condoms were first invented in 1564 by Gabriele Falloppio and 30 million are used every day worldwide.

TheyFit condoms are available exclusively from and are priced from £6.99 per six-pack. The Yorker’s readers can get a 20% discount by using the code YORK at the checkout.

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