A Historic Moment- Queen's Maundy Thursday Visit in York

The Queen's visit in York. 2012 ©Stefanie Zhang

On April 5, Maundy Thursday of 2012, The Queen visited York and distributed annual Maundy money to recipients as nearly fifteen thousand onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of history.

Around 10am, the York railway station was bustling with noise and excitement as people holding national flags walked into the platform, waiting expectantly for The Queen's train.

A shout of joy and cheers burst from the crowd, which presented a massive welcome to The Queen's arrival at 10:40am.

Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Beatrice of York, The Queen extended greetings amiably to people around her and was sent to the city's traditional entrance, Micklegate, where the Royal Party would be met by a civic party.

On the way to the York Minster where The Queen would deliver the Maudy Money to 172 pensioners nominated for the honour for their service to the church and community, thousands of people followed, waving flowers and flags in the sunshine.

"This is quite a fantastic moment to have such a precious chance to witness The Queen. I still cannot believe it is real!" said an excited Chinese student in the crowds.

"My face would be shocked when I saw the Queen." said the five-year-old girl who was chosen to present flowers to The Queen.

An elder gentleman also expressed his excitement at seeing The Queen, saying: "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for this year is The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year and York's 800th anniversary for independence coincedentally."

After a reception in the Deanery, the Royal Party went to for a lunch with the winners of the Community Pride Awards 2011.

In the afternoon, they attended to a new exhibition show of "1212" marking York 800th anniversary of independence.

See The Yorker's videos of the Queen's visit on The Yorker's Youtube Channel (credit: Ding Huang):

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