Yorkshire Water reassures customers as drought hits region

Yorkshire Water has reassured customers that there are no planned water restrictions at the moment despite the Environment Agency declaring parts of Yorkshire as officially affected by drought.

East Anglia and South East England were declared drought areas earlier this month and parts of East and South Yorkshire have now also been officially affected.

Yorkshire's reservoirs haven't been affected yet ©Creative Commons; Image credit: Rodney Burton

Parts of the Midlands and the south west are also experiencing the impacts of dry weather and the Environment Agency has warned that the rest of the country could suffer if there is a particularly dry spring and summer.

However, Yorkshire Water reassured customers that no water restrictions or special measures need to be introduced yet.

A statement on their website said: “The Environment Agency has declared some parts of Yorkshire to be in drought. This applies to the areas around the rivers Don, Rother, Hull and Derwent. This is following months of below average rainfall, with the dry weather forecast to continue.

“We would like to reassure customers that we have no plans at the moment to introduce water restrictions, however we are keeping the situation under continuous review. Our advice is for customers to use water wisely.

“Our regional water supply system, which is a network of underground pipes that allows us to move water to where it's needed, gives us flexibility and helps us protect areas experiencing low rainfall, what it doesn't give us is an unlimited supply of water, so we would encourage customers to only use what they need, when they need it.”

Yorkshire Water reported reservoir levels of 94.7% in February 2012, saying that “with such healthy stocks, Yorkshire Water does not anticipate any restrictions in the near future”.

However, they encouraged customers to save water during hot weather by using shower timers, always filling dishwashers and machines full, turning off the tap when brushing your teeth and using water butts on watering cans instead of hose pipes.

They are also offering free water saving packs to their customers, which can be ordered online, to help reduce water usage and bills.

Some areas that have been badly affected in East Anglia and South East England face hose pipe bans from April 5, with seven companies set to impose restrictions.

There have also been grassland fires in Scotland, Wales and North Yorkshire throughout this week as dry land is scorched in the heat.

For more information and advice visit the Environment Agency website and Yorkshire Water’s Website.

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