Nouse invite George Galloway to campus without YUSU's permission

Nouse have invited George Galloway to speak today on campus, without completing an events management form. This move, which many have called 'controversial', by the campus newspaper has angered students and put the Union in a difficult position.

Kallum taylor has found the situation "frustrating" ©Emily Jasmin Decoussemaeker; Image credit: Emily Jasmin Decoussemaeker

Without filling in this events management form, YUSU cannot put their name to the event or endorse it, and it also raises security issues.

Responding to many students’ anger about allowing such a controversial figure to speak at the University, Kallum Taylor said on his blog “A number of our students have asked us to pull this event due to the offense and anger that they feel towards him and some of his views and previous statements.

We do hear those complaints loud and clear, and can definitely sympathise with them. It’s an awful thing that any of our members should feel this way in the run up to, or following any event ran by a YUSU Society.”

However, YUSU cannot pull controversial events currently, as YUSU does not hold a ‘No Platform’ policy, which means that they cannot stop events from happening on the grounds that they are offensive to the students whom they represent.

Kallum Taylor commented: “We strongly urge any event on campus to bear in mind the effects it can have on students, and to make sure the law is followed and that they are run in the most appropriate and inclusive way possible”

“This whole incident is frustrating the say the least. I appreciate the concerns of our members, but I also equally appreciate how YUSU constitutionally stands to uphold free speech.”

Curtis Sinclair, a student at the University, commented: "I find it astonishing, firstly, that the Nouse Events team seemed to know every one of the questioners personally, and secondly, the fact he was not really challenged on any of the important issues; his praise for Holocaust denying Hassan Nasrallah, his work with Press TV and Al-Mayadeen and of course his comments surrounding the Julian Assange rape trial. I smell foul play."

"I'm not surprised by that really, Nouse Events broke every rule and convention getting him here, why wouldn't they do the same once he arrived?"

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