Leeds Bus to be diverted through campus

After three years of service, there have been concerns that the current 844 Coastliner bus route does not have enough passengers to sustain it. Therefore, the bus operators have taken the decision to divert the route to attract campus customers.

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When the Coastliner Summer timetable comes into force at the beginning of June, the 844 bus, which journeys from York to Leeds, will be diverted along University Road. Previously travelling to Leeds would involve catching a bus or train from the city centre.

However, the new route will provide students and staff from the University a direct link to Leeds and the in-between areas. The route passes through the market town of Tadcaster and Copmanthorpe village which will provide students with an opportunity to explore York's surrounding areas.

Leeds is a popular area for students to visit due to its excellent shopping facilities and nightlife. With a return bus ticket being around £6.50 and the bus being more convenient for students the service should prove to have increased popularity.

As the route is also being diverted along Lawrence Street, another popular area with University of York students, it will serve off campus residents as well.

Fiona Macey, the University's Travel Plan Co-ordinator also comments on the green advantages of the plan saying "We're really pleased that the revised Coastliner route will give both students and staff from the University a direct bus link to Copmanthorpe, Tadcaster and Leeds as this well help us to promote more sustainable travel which will help to reduce congestion. We've been able to get some great discounts on tickets for the new service and at a time when fuel prices are rising, we feel that the bus is a great alternative for regular travellers to the University."

However, whilst the diversion will undoubtedly be a positive for the University, residents living in areas that the route has been diverted from, such as the Heworth area, will be unhappy with the reduced service as they will have to rely on the First York service or find other ways to get around.

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