Mr and Mrs Halifax lead RAG Parade

Mr and Mrs Halifax lead the parade ©YUSU RAG

Halifax duo Tom Siday and Phillip I’Anson led the RAG Parade on Saturday, February 11 after being crowned Mr and Mrs York at RAG’s event earlier in the week.

Seven couples competed in the final in The Lounge after winning their college heats the previous week, with Siday and I'Anson, posing as ‘Philipa’ for the event, and collecting the most money to be named Mr and Mrs York.

The couples were challenged with four tasks, starting with a talent round where contestants had to perform a skill they had prepared in advance.

Highlights included a rap from Alcuin mocking campus life and accommodation, Mr Derwent juggling while Mrs Derwent sat on his shoulders playing the guitar, and Mr Vanbrugh downing a bottle of undiluted orange squash. He was later replaced due to feeling unwell.

Mr Vanbrugh downs undiluted orange squash ©The Yorker; Image credit: Alan Belmore

For their talent display, Mr Halifax played the violin to accompany Mrs Halifax’s striptease Siday said and speaking about their talent performance: “I enjoyed playing the violin, but it was a bit nerve racking.

“We weren't sure what we were going to do for our talent, but last minute we decided to combine our talents and do the violin striptease.”

The second task saw couples challenged to a sing-a-long, with songs including Journey’s Just a small town girl and Adele's Someone like you, and couples faced elimination as soon as they forgot the words.

Mr and Mrs Goodricke proved the strongest contestants in that task, with Mr and Mrs Derwent finishing in second place.

After a break to collect donations from the audience, couples then faced their third task, which was a quick-fire question round.

Each couple was called onto the stage, with the others in isolation outside, to answer five questions thrown at them by host Chris Lodge, and answers from previous couples could not be repeated.

Mrs Philipa Halifax collects money for RAG ©The Yorker; Image credit: Alan Belmore

Popular questions included favourite sex position, favourite holiday destination, and favourite animal you'd like to have sex with. The final question of Chris vs Hugo saw a white-wash of 7-0 for Hugh.

The final round was a bulls-eye round, hosted by the University of York Darts Society, which challenged couples to hit the highest score to answer a question for bonus points.

High scores included 40 for Alcuin, 50 for Halifax and 98 for Goodricke, who successfully mimed The Lion King but points were dropped as the contestants failed to correctly spell gonorrhoea.

After the counting of the coins, RAG Officer Baxter Willis announced that the seven couples had together collected £864, with Mr and Mrs Halifax claiming the highest individual total of £237 and so being crowned Mr and Mrs York.

Along with this title, they earned the privilege of leading the RAG Parade on Saturday, February 11 as hundreds of students from all colleges of the university paraded through town to collect money for the Union’s elected charities.

James won 'best dressed college' for their Where's Wally? theme ©Emily Jasmin Decoussemaeker

The event was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of York Councillor David Horton and he awarded ‘best dressed college’ to James after their students turned up in Where’s Wally? costumes.

Speaking about leading the parade, Siday said: “The RAG Parade today was great, but I got lost a few times when I went the wrong way though!

“The Halifax theme was Nintendo so we went as Donkey and Diddy Kong since we both had the same monkey onesies.”

For full details of the Mr and Mrs York Final, read The Yorker’s live blog from the event.

Watch The Yorker’s video from the RAG Parade below and see more of their photos on Flickr.

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