University of York at the bottom for teaching hours

New research has been published on the Daily Mail , showing that students at the University of York get less hours of teaching than most Universities.

History students at York spend only 8% of their course at lectures and seminars and the rest relies on "independent studying". Whereas in other universities, such as the University College London they'll receive more than triple the time.

On the University of York's History Department website it is stated:

Accordingly, we place great stress on helping students develop as independent scholars rather than learning by rote. Students are actively encouraged to develop their own program of study, guided by a supervisor (personal tutor). We pride ourselves on the fact that our students are hard-working, self-reliant and highly motivated.

Moreover, they support that by following that particular method they help students obtain more transferable skills and abilities that will help them in their life and career later on.

Physics students at York face the same situation too, as they have 216 teaching hours, while at Imperial College they have 516 hours, counting as 43% of their degree hours.

Professor Alan Smithers, director of the Center for Education and Employment Research at Buckingham University, said:

Some students are getting a very raw deal. The temptation of these universities is to free-up staff to concentrate on their own research, which tends to be more lucrative than teaching.

This research has brought a diversity of opinions by students and parents. Many parents state that fewer hours do not necessarily mean something bad, as the students should not be spoon-fed with ready information but should learn on their own and concentrate on their reading. However, others say that they want to make the most of their degree as the higher tuition fees make the financial situation of students even more difficult.

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