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YUSU Elections 2016: York Sport President – Beth Cash

Image credit: YUSU
Image credit: YUSU

Beth Cash is standing for the position of York Sport President in the YUSU Election 2016.


Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Beth Cash, I study Applied Social Science and I am in my third, and final year.

What sports have you been involved in since you started at the university?

Since I started the University I have been heavily involved in Cheerleading, and am currently the President of the club. I have also done trampolining and have competed a couple of times for the club. And a lot more recently I took part in one of the college matches in Darts!

Why did you decide to run for this position?

I decided to run for the position of York Sport Union President as I have been involved in sport all my life and I am passionate about making it better for everyone, and giving everyone the opportunity to be involved in sport. Being President of one of the largest clubs this year has been great and given me the skills, passion and drive I need to do it on a larger scale!

What are your policies?

My main policies are:

Communication- Improve communication within clubs by holding big inter-club events. And also improving the communication between all clubs and the Union, with regular meetings with all the clubs to discuss ideas, problems and decisions

Advertisement- I want to increase the advertisement of ALL clubs I plan to do this in a few ways: large canvases around campus detailing all sports clubs, developing the York Sport pages of the YUSU app to promote sport, rebranding refreshers fair to make it bigger and better than before to allow for another influx of memberships in the new year and finally, to expand equal opportunities to ensure that every club runs in a fair, unbiased way and that everyone at the university has equal access to sport

Support- I want to improve the support available to clubs. I want to provide specific, individual support for clubs dependent on their individual needs. I want to improve committee training so that clubs are equipped to run as smoothly and effectively as possible. And finally, I want to support clubs and assist them to find the resources that they need!

Health and Safety- First, I’d like to provide sports specific first aid training, including first response training so clubs are aware of how to respond to injuries. I’d also like to provide First Aid Kits to those that are in an area where a first aid kit is not available nearby. And finally I’d like to improve Strength and Conditioning for all clubs, by setting up whole York Sport Union fitness sessions.

Which policy are you most excited about?

I am most excited about the Advertisement section of my policies. I think it’d be great to get all sports, University or College level out there. I believe advertising sport to the University is a great way to get people involved and improve sport for existing clubs and members too!

The YUSU Candidates’ Debate will take place in the Lounge on the 14th February.

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