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Jamie's Kitchen is coming to York ©ZooFari; Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

If, as per, it’s got to that point in term where your student loan is disappearing faster than a fat man’s waistline, you may be entertaining ideas of getting a job. It’s all very well monotonously traipsing around every shop and bar in town handing in your CV to the bored assistant who is equally as likely to use it as rolling paper as to hand it on to their manager, but surely it’s better to target businesses who you know are actively hiring?

With this is mind, we’ve put together the following list of places who are hiring in York at the moment. Don’t say we never give you anything.

York Sweet Story

If you think that a job in the tourist industry may be for you, then York Sweet Story ,the new attraction based in Their full list of vacancies, both in York and at other attractions around the country, is available on their website, and the York section is being updated regularly as the opening approaches.

Jamie’s Italian

As you may have heard, Jamie Oliver is set to open a restaurant in York in July. Going by the standards of his existing empire, students are more likely to ending up working in his latest gem than eating in it. It has been announced that the restaurant will create many jobs, both waiting and kitchen staff, so may be the perfect place to bag a job if you’re sticking around in York for the summer. A big name such as this would also look great on you CV, particularly if you want to get into the hospitality industry. As of yet, Jamie Oliver’s website does not have vacancies listed, but is definitely worth watching.

Urban Outfitters

Yes, UrbanOutfitters is coming to York. Cue the sound of 10,000 student bank accounts pre-emptively collapsing. Wait 10 seconds, then cue even more joy when as people realise that they may even get a discount on the clobber by working in the store. Heck, you could even be paid to wear their wares. Vacancies are listed here. No news yet as to when the store will open, but it’s set to take the place of Habitat. Watch that space.

York Designer Outlet

Situated just the other side of the ring road, the designer outlet is often overlooked when it comes to job hunts, yet they have a surprising amount of vacancies. All stores advertise their vacancies on the designer outlet page, and a current list can also be obtained from the information point, which saves on time and printing in handing your CV in to every store. Different to other vacancies in this article, the designer outlet is always updating the page with current vacancies, and is particularly useful around October-November time, when stores start hiring for Christmas. It’s worth considering, however, travel to and from the outlet. Ideal for students with cars, as there is free parking, and there is a regular bus from town, but this will eat considerably into your pay. Cycling is an option for the most steel-nerved of cyclists, but the weather is worth considering.

York student callers

Have you ever considered looking for work on the university campus? The student caller team regularly advertise, and the next round of applications closes in week 8. Getting paid to talk to people without having to travel too far from home. Fabulous.

Keep checking back for more ideas and tips about where to find employment to fit around your course.

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