My Student Wardrobe: Week 10

The sun has finally come out to play again and everyone on campus has emerged from layers of wool and puffa jackets. However, with nicer weather comes the awkward two-warm-to-wear-a-coat/ too-cold-not-to-wear-one situation. But, this is where layering comes riding in on its white horse to save us from any warm(ish) weather blunders. Check out some students who have been making use of layering well:

George ©Jess Astbury

Name: George Barnett

Subject: Chemistry

Year: Second

College: Vanbrugh

Jumper: Drop Dead, Shirt: All Saints, Trousers: All Saints, Shoes: Brooks Brothers

What do you think happened at the end of the inception?: I think that the top stopped spinning but what if the idea of the top spinning was an idea implanted within itself?....

Helen ©Jess Astbury

Name: Helen Shaw

Subject: History of Art

Year: Third

College: Goodricke

Hoodie: H&M, Shirt: Topshop, Bag: Mum's from the 80s, Boots: Purple Haze

What is the video game that defined your childhood?: Pokémon

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