Give The Dog A Bone’s top ten for Valentines: part 2

Rob Ryan mugs ©Give the dog a bone

Yesterday we began the countdown of ...give the dog a bone's best gift and card ideas for Valentine's day. Today, we bring you the rest of the best.

A selection of things from the sentimental through the saucy, to the downright silly, for you to bestow upon your Valentine this year:

5) Sexual Innuendo Magnetic Poetry Kit - £12.99

This innocent looking collection of 300 words drips with magnetic double entendre; while you won't find anything explicit, you might find a sausage, cucumber, drill, melon or an appliance. Nothing dirty about that, right?

©Give the dog a bone

4) Mr Perfect Mug - £6.99

A bit sentimental but then it’s that time of year. Just make sure he knows he’s your Mr Perfect, as opposed to being perfect. Especially if he just bought you that magnet!

3) “Of course I love you. Now get me a beer!” Magnet - £2.99

One for the more secure couple perhaps! But then if you can’t get a beer on Valentine’s Day, when can you?

2) Rob Ryan His ‘n’ Hers Mugs - £16.99

A beautiful pair of mugs decorated with a charming design by paper-cutting artist Rob Ryan. The words on the back of the mugs only make sense when read as a pair pushed together; "All of these words are worth less than the breath used to say them if we cannot be together."

1) “Je t’aime, je t’adore, fancy une bang bang?” Card - £2.30

Impress your Valentine with your grasp of French (the language of love) AND your cheeky sense of humour by sending this to-the-point card. After all, honesty is the basis of all good relationships, right?

Je t'aime card ©Give the dog a bone

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