TEDxYork: Realities


TEDx comes to York this Friday 16th November for a day-long conference about humanity in the modern world. Through the discussion of ‘realities,’ speakers will explain ‘how memories are anchored, how we engage with and protect ourselves from the world around us, and how technology can affect and reflect different kinds of truth.’ Hosted in the Everyman cinema, York; the conference will run from 09:30 to 15:30 and will feature a series of talks by heads of companies, scientific fields and media on the impact and potential of immersive technology.

The tripartite structure will include discussions of: Constructed Realities, Enhanced Realities, and Blurred Realities with breaks in between. Featuring in first third of the day’s talks, Linguistic and English Language student Cass Hebron grabs the zeitgeist to answer the increasingly prominent question ‘Are we in control of technology or is technology in control of us?’

University of York student, Social Media and Publicity Assistant for Science City, and Editor of WILD magazine, a student-run online magazine tailored towards ‘skint stressed students’ interested in sustainability and ethics, Cass Hebron will explore how “businesses are harnessing technology,” for reasons ranging from healthcare and education to enabling people “to feel protected in their use of technology.”

Visit TEDxYork’s Facebook page for live updates. For tickets and more information go to TedxYork. If you are unable to attend the event, all talks will be filmed and uploaded to their Facebook page once the conference has ended.




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