Greece is Rich

No, no. Your eyes are not deceiving you. This is not some kind of parallel universe  where Greece is rich, the UK uses the Euro or Germany has become the least powerful country in the European Union. But although Greece may not be a wealthy country, it definitely is rich in terms of culture.

Greece’s culture can be described above all else as rich, precisely because it can accommodate the interests of all of its visitors. History lovers can immerse themselves into Ancient Greece by visiting ruins that are found all over the country. Any food lovers can tantalise their tasting palettes with mezedes. Those that love to party can dance till the morning hours in clubs and beach bars. Like to relax on holiday? You can simply visit a Greek island and sip a cocktail (or a lot of cocktails) with a breath-taking view of the Mediterranean sea.

The Parthenon, Athens. Photo Credits:
The Parthenon, Athens.  Photo Credits:

Perhaps the most notable and well-known example of Greek culture is the Parthenon. It represents an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece and is regarded as one of the World’s greatest cultural monuments. Millions of tourists visit the Parthenon, and along with the Acropolis Museum (built in 2011), the monument offers a truly unique and educational experience. Many of the country’s archaeological sites have been declared as Unesco World Heritage Sites, meaning it is no surprise that not one, but two of the seven wonders of the Ancient World can be found in Greece! Alternatively, you can experience the country’s historical and cultural heritage through ancient plays.  The biggest and most famous festival that hosts such events is the Hellenic Festival, taking place over the summer. During this festival, musical and theatrical performances are held on great ancient stages in Athens and Peloponnese.

Whilst evidently Greece has a deep-rooted history, what really enriches its culture is the modern day-to-day lifestyle of its residents. Greek people have a strong understanding of the good things in life and this is exemplified everywhere you go. No Greek city is the same; you can enjoy your coffee at a traditional restaurant at Heraklion in Crete, at an upscale cafe at Kolonaki square in Athens, at a sea-view cafe next to the White Tower in Thessaloniki…  In Greece, you have the chance to do whatever floats your boat.

And speaking of boats… It’s definitely worth getting a boat or a plane to visit one of the thousands of Greek islands that surround the mainland. The islands constitute an indispensable part of Greek culture. Indeed, they are the true gems of the Mediterranean sea. White houses with blue windows are characteristic architectural sights of the Greek islands and together with the narrow stone-paved roads provide a tranquil atmosphere for visitors. Greek islands are the perfect holiday destination for anyone who wishes to get a break away from the busy city life but also for anyone who wants to experience new things. You can try scuba diving, you can go hiking or you can party all day and all night (literally!) World-famous DJs visit Mykonos, one of the most cosmopolitan places in Greece, each summer. Afrojack, Martin Garrix and Armin Van Buuren have all given concerts on the island.

Santorini. Photo Credits:
Santorini. Photo Credits:

So if  you ever feel like  ‘money makes the world go round’, you can visit Greece and see that what makes their world go round- because it definitely isn’t money. Greek people have a deep-rooted love for life; something that is reflected in the country’s rich culture and is translated onto anyone who visits the country.

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  • BrickinaWall

    Then why is Greece such a shothole? How cultured is it to drink coffee, while the country around you slips further to being a failed Balkan state?

    Where is the politismsos in the way the ellinares have dealt with the crisis? How pathetic is it that after so many years we vote for the same slime that created the mess, thus proving how deeply rotten this society is, because obviously the slime is an accurate representation of the Greek people.

    In Greece we love love the kleftis more than the noikokiris.

    Even when many were driving Cayennes, wearing Polo, and drinking bottles of Johnny Mavro Greece was, and remains, bankrupt. For while it is a beautiful land, the ugliest thing about it are the people.

    The country burns around you, and all you care to see is how to have a good time. Like a junkie with no other recourse we plug away at the same tired vein and with the same tired narcotics, hoping for a brief respite from the ugly truth around us.

    • AngeTKenos

      Please do not haul all the people in the same basket.

      • BrickinaWall

        Sorry Ange, but when talking about an entire country, I take the average and paint everyone with that. Of course there are exceptions, but the average is as described above.

  • AngeTKenos

    The cultural wealth of the Hellenic Republic is one of the reasons that other nations are doing their best to destroy Hellas. So that they can then plunder to their corrupt hearts content