Roskilde Festival - Scandinavians do it better

Camp East ©Mari Kristin Martinsen

If you’re going to do your very first festival this year, the only way is Roskilde. Starting on June 30th with pre-drinking for five days, the actual festival goes on for four days until the 8th of July. It’s one of the sixth biggest festivals in Europe (a little bigger than Glastonbury), and this year when Glasto isn’t on – why not try something new?

Roskilde can offer food from all over the world, ridiculously cheap beer (£10 for 24 cans) and really awesome people… not to mention the fabulous line-up that is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Need I say more?

Your first festival has to be epic, and Roskilde has got it all. Camping with 125,000 people can seem like a bit of a challenge, but it’s amazing what even the most hygienic freaks (like me) can put up with. The festival is largely attended by Scandinavians, but also many Australians, British and German people come to experience the Scandinavian festival feel every year. Yes, I know what you’re thinking - will people understand me? Of course they do, most people will speak very good English. The level of English knowledge also seems to increase with the alcohol levels.

Unforgettable Florence + The Machine concert ©Mari Kristin Martinsen

Second question popping into your head; how do you get there? Roskilde is situated under an hour away from Copenhagen, which is the the perfect getaway that doesn’t even have to be that expensive - I bet any cheap airline would love to have you.The festival itself is approximately £180 for 4 days of festival and the warm-up. It is definitely worth it. If not just for the music, but the incredible friends you make and things you will experience. I got to know this amazing guy (who by the way was always dressed up like a pirate with a toy dog on a leash), and he told me the story of how he met his wife at Roskilde a few years ago. Fancy that!

Roskilde has their own cinema, train station, newspaper and radio channel. The festival area has bars of any kind… what about a beach bar with actual sand and a massive swimming pool? Needless to say no one actually sobers up, and in the middle of all this craziness there is a massive nude race (!) You technically don’t even have to go for the sake of the music, although it doesn’t hurt to brag to your friends about having seen Bruce Springsteen or Björk. Other artists this year include: Bon Iver, The Cure, Friendly Fires, M83, Mew, The Shins and The Vaccines. Bring sun cream, paracetamol, wellies, dry shampoo and a disposable camera. It’s so overwhelming you’re not going to understand what hit you until the summer is over… or maybe you do when you’re sobering up in your damp sleeping bag under the staircase at the airport. Don’t ask me, I wouldn’t know.

Look what someone did to my tent! ©Mari Kristin Martinsen

All profits go to humanitarian and cultural causes. So now you literally have no excuse not to go.

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