Is The Leading Cause of Death Avoidable?

  Image credit: http://nutritionstudies.org/abolishing-heart-disease/   Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), a non-communicable disease of the heart, has been the leading natural cause of death worldwide for over a decade now. Coronary arteries provide the heart with the blood supply it needs; in CHD cases these arteries become blocked, disrupting the blood supply. The main cause of this […]

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Solar-Powered Aeroplane Completes World Flight

The Solar Impulse touched down in Abu Dhabi today, ending the first round-the-world flight for an aeroplane powered solely by energy from the sun. Making seventeen stops across multiple continents, the Solar Impulse began its global journey from Abu Dhabi in March this year, travelling 40,000km in total. Along the way one of its two pilots […]

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How to cope with the aftermath of a burglary

While York is considered one of the safer university towns, with comparatively fewer burglaries than other areas across the UK, no area is immune to crime. Indeed, burglary is considered one of the most common domestic crimes committed, and its effect can be devastating regardless of the items taken. The realisation that a stranger has […]


Clean Eating: ‘The Latest Extreme Diet Craze’

So yesterday, in my post-graduation boredom, I came across a documentary called ‘Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets’. It was every sensationalist’s dream – an expose into food choices which, although promoted as healthy and nourishing, could actually have hugely detrimental effects on both physical and mental health. It questioned the phenomenon of healthy eating and the […]

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Antimicrobial Resistance and Bioart

Suppose a very ill man stumbles into Accident & Emergency at your local hospital. He’s shuddering, queasy and sweating – whatever is wrong with him, he hasn’t got long to live. The medical staff elect to give him the strongest antibiotic they have in their store. Unfortunately, even if they blast him with the strongest […]

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The Great Acceleration: Life in the Fast Lane

Image credit: Pexels Technology has improved tremendously over the last few centuries, transforming the lives of everyone on the planet in some way or another. Some inventions enable people to cut down the time spent on labour, both at home and in the workplace, for example the Spinning Jenny or the flying shuttle. The washing […]

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Obesity, Health and The Power of Advertising

Obesity is often seen as a Western phenomenon. This is a mistake. In reality it affects people from all corners of the globe. Some have argued that the global issue of obesity is a ticking time bomb whereas others go as far as suggesting that the bomb has already been detonated. Two billion adults today […]