York student attempts to storm charts

A York student attempts to storm the charts for Children in Need. According to YUSU sources, James Hill, of University Radio York, along with three other YouTube “legends”, has spent the last 10 weeks creating a single for Children in Need.

Chartjackers is the brainchild of Charlie McDonell, Alex Day, James Hill and Jonathan Haggart (or Charlieissocoollike, Nerimon, Jimmy0010 and johnnydurham19) four popular “vloggers” from YouTube who decided to try and push more mainstream and institutionalised records off the charts this week, to raise awareness and funds for Children in Need. They wanted to show people that they didn’t need to use large amounts of money to raise money.

The single has been made with practically no budget and the boys are making no profit from the proceeds at all, with every penny spent going directly to Children in Need. “I’ve Got Nothing” has been described as a “cheesy, fun pop song, in the spirit of the days when music wasn't so serious” and it is OUT NOW to buy on iTunes. Weeks of work, including getting the YouTube community to submit lyrics, melodies, sing the song, make the music video, came to an end on 9th November 2009 when the single was released. Currently, it stands at #36 in the UK Singles Charts, at least having made their more modest aim of breaking into the Top 40.

James Hill, a University of York second year history student, told the Yorker: "I'm really pleased to have been involved with such an innovative project that really does show you people can make a difference. We've managed to get a song to number 36 with no record label or industry help, and raised around £10,000 for Children in Need. It's fantastic!"

Here at York, while according to the Vanbrugh JCRC Chair, colleges are “no longer allowed to raise for charities that are not rag beneficiaries”, the annual Staff V. Students tug of war is taking place on Friday 20th November from 1pm-2.15pm behind Alcuin C Common room. Fancy dress is optional, but there are prizes for the best fancy dress as well as for the winners of the contest. Last year the students beat their tutors and this year, students at York should hope to raise even more money for Children in Need, especially with the chance to “get one up” on their teachers for the day.

So far this year, Children in Need has allocated over £26 million in funds to over 700 projects across the country dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children.

Unfortunately, the time to buy the Chartjackers single to get it to #1 has passed, but we still need to raise as much money for Children in Need as we can, in any way possible. So get to iTunes now, 79p really isn’t that much.

Listen to 'I've Got Nothing'

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