YUSU and Alcuin to fight for B Henry's

After being informed by Commercial Services of the impending closure of Alcuin's B Henry's bar, Alcuin and YUSU are planning to campaign strongly against the decision.

YUSU will hold a UGM this Thursday where a single motion, 'There is a plan b', will be discussed. This motion, concerning B Henry's, was submitted by JCR Chair Erik O'Connor. It was seconded by Societies and Communications Officer Rory Shanks and Services and Finance Officer Matt Burton, amongst others.

O'Connor told The Yorker: "B Henry's is a crucial component in the Alcuin College system, without which the social role of the college is largely lost."

Shanks said: " [YUSU] will begin to lobby senior members of university staff on this issue - something we strongly believe has suffered from a concerning lack of consultation with students and even the college hierarchy."

Quote[B Henry's] is a part of Alcuin College, and of the university as a whole, and its existence shouldn't depend on its direct profitability as a licensed outlet."Quote
Alcuin Chair Erik O'Connor

An Extraordinary Alcuin JCR open meeting was also held last Thursday to discuss B Henry's situation. The motion 'Alcuin College should have its own bar' was proposed by O'Connor and passed with 109 votes for and no againsts or abstentions.

The motion highlights "the lack of any other central space in Alcuin College" as well as "the lack of consultation by Commercial Services with Alcuin College".

It also stressed the importance of a college bar to the college system, adding that the bar's "existence should not depend on whether it is profitable".

Issues mentioned with regards to the current running of B Henry's included the existence of two separate accounts, one for B Henry's as a catering venue and one for it as a bar.

This means that the £20,000 profit made in catering last year is not taken into account when discussing the bar. It was suggested that the two accounts should be combined.

All six sabbatical officers attended the meeting, with Burton highlighting the importance of coming up with a viable commercial plan.