A fly on the library wall

Ok, before we start I must warn you, put the cup of tea down, take a seat. I just know the excitement of this blog will blow your minds. Yes, you guessed it, I’m your very own fly on the library wall.

It’s our pet hate, our enemy. But the library is also, dare I say it, the hub of society in these the weeks and months leading up to exams. There I said it, exams! Over the coming weeks I will be your eyes and ears, the gossip guy of the library. Is that too much I wonder? Not in a weird way I assure you all, but frankly our loathing of the library is like a lover we can’t say no to. We just can’t get enough!

Ok, so as I’m sure all you library guys and dolls are aware half of the technology in the building is defunct. And oh they can build us the joyous Harry Fairhurst abode, which interestingly boasts and extra 500 seating spaces can you believe! The question that begs answering is how did we cope without it? I can’t get a seat today, so how anybody got a seat before Harry came along I simply do not know.

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Plus they've given us a snazzy new café, which will be the source of many a tale in future blogs I am sure, but what they struggle with is computers which work. Oh, and I almost forgot the continual toilet debacle. Monday: ‘out of order’. Thursday: ’out of order’. You get the idea I’m sure!

I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when I say four computers have broken in the past two days in the room I am currently camping in. Oh gosh, ‘the truth, the whole truth’ who do I think I am!? Anyway, there’s little more I can say, apart from my utter horror at our lack of technology in this place. We’ll be working by candlelight with a quill before long!

I have a funny story to tell. Funny story time. Drum roll please.

Well I was sitting at my computer a few days ago in the library and the girl next to me had both a computer and her laptop. Don’t worry that’s not the punch-line; stay with me guys.

She had plugged the laptop into the socket at the wall, the wire was dangling a little, not quite at the height one would like for a limbo, but all the same I could have tried had I not been beaten to it!

A rather round and tubby character three up from me - charming chap, a regular - dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes as the wires wrapped around his legs. At this point it is worth stressing the laptop shot off the table like nothing I had seen before.

Imagine, picture, a laptop with wings: flapping and gliding before crashing horribly in the corner. I know this isn’t funny as such; it’s hardly ‘how did the chicken cross the road’. But, for a guy currently chugging through hours of reading in the library, it was the source of a most obvious snort of laughter.

I did ask if he was ok but I couldn’t translate the grunt too well, but I assumed he was. That was the punch-line for reference: snorting allowed for the next five seconds.

I think my next port of call must surely be our new café. Computers and general technology aside that is where all the magic happens. Until then…


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