Ivy Park: A Strange Kind of Feminism

Why I’m taking issue with Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Following the launch of Ivy Park in March 2016, Beyoncé stated that the ethos of the sportswear line was to “support and inspire women”. Queen B fans across the country went into meltdown over this must-have range. However, something that bothers me about Ivy Park’s ethos of […]

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If Labour crumbles, it is not the fault of Jeremy Corbyn

In spite of criticism in public and horrendous verbal thrashings in private from his Members of Parliament, a hostile media and attempts to keep him out of meetings and ballots, Jeremy Corbyn will be on the ballot paper in the Labour Party’s leadership election. Though I am a supporter of Corbyn, I concede that there […]

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Banning a bully is not political censorship

A number of famous journalists are alumni of the University of York: Nicholas Wapshott, a Reuters columnist and biographer; Steve Richards, The Independent‘s chief political columnist; and Peter Hitchens, the Mail on Sunday columnist and author. But the most famous journalist on campus at York today seems to be someone who neither attended the university to study nor has […]

'It's time for Labour', a 1992 poster by the Labour Party. Image credit: BBC

Labour: Always the loser in the end

British politics have been beaten senseless ever since the surprise ‘Brexit’ result of the referendum. You would think that a defeat for the government in the referendum should have led to its downfall. The Conservative Party’s Prime Minister announced his resignation on the morning of the result, triggering a leadership election. The expected candidate, Boris Johnson, […]

Jeremy Corbyn: driving Labour to the brink?

For Heaven’s sake man, Go!

This is the only occasion I can think of that David Cameron has taken the words right out of my mouth. Jeremy Corbyn is sitting very un-prettily on a throne that is no longer welcoming his presence. Over a week ago 172 Labour MPs passed a non-binding motion of no-confidence. Over 80% of Labour MPs no […]


A different perspective of mental health support on campus

In the recent months the University of York has been slammed for offering poor mental health services. The University’s mental health services have been described as “dire” by York Vision and Nouse reports numerous failings from the University’s Open Door team. The University itself conducted a full review into mental health on campus and their excellent report contains many good recommendations for improvement. What hasn’t […]