UKIP – A History of Gaffes and Embarrassments



 So Farage has done what he set up out to do and UKIP seem to have increased in numbers following yesterday’s European and Council elections. The results are still coming in and changing as I write, and so instead here is a quick round up of all the ridiculous things that UKIP have said and done and what others have said about them. Apologies for not including them all but there just isn’t the time or space

23rd May – Day after Election Day – UKIP Spokesperson Suzanne Evans says on BBC Radio 4 the reason that UKIP currently have not done well is that they fail to reach the ‘Young, Educated and Cultured’. She tries to backtrack by saying that Londoners are part of the metropolitan elite who don’t understand the pain of the country but the quote is still out there.

20th May – UKIP start a hashtag on twitter stating ‘why I’m voting UKIP’ which is quickly abused by fellow tweeters over 21,000 times. Personal favourites include:

-#WhyImVotingUkip because voting far right and blaming minorities after an economic downturn worked so well before, let’s try that again

-#whyImVotingUkip because the weather’s really starting to pick up and I don’t want it ruined by the gays.

-#whyImVotingUkip because I’m broke and being deported is my only chance of some summer sun

You can find lots more on Twitter where the hashtag is still going strong

20th May– UKIP hold a diversity carnival in Croydon and by all accounts it is a bit of a disaster. Candidate Winston McKensie books a steel band to play under false pretences by not telling them it is a UKIP event. Lots of protesters turn up and McKensie has to ring Nigel Farage and tell him not to come as Croyden is ‘too dangerous right now’. The band are not paid for their work until XPatJobs, an employment agency hears about it and covers their fee instead of UKIP.

16th May Nigel Farage’s Radio interview with James O’Brien of LBC Radio is cut short by directors of communications Patrick O’Flynn. The interview is widely deemed to be a car crash and is definitely worth a listen if you haven’t already. Farage decleares that when it comes to immigration he wants to control ‘quality as well as quantity’ and seems to at one point link Romanians with people traffickers.

5th May – UKIP has to cancel its freepost policy after having to pay for dozens of packages sent to the party. This included classic heavy items such as bricks but also blood and faeces.

29th April – UKIP council candidate William Henwood resigns his membership after tweeting that comedian Lenny Henry should return to a black country and ends up comparing Islam to the Third Reich.

25th April – UKIP use an immigrant on their poster saying that they will protect British workers. David O’Rouke is an Irish immigrant actor who moved to Britain ten years ago and is pictured on the poster as an unemployed worker. The poster says ‘British Workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour’ and is part of a £1.5 billion nationwide campaign.

Here are some of the older events that show UKIP is the party with all the respectable members:

19th January – UKIP suspends Oxfordshire councillor David Silvester after he blames the recent flooding on the legalisation of Gay Marriage. Once again twitter responds brilliantly and the twitter handle @ukipweather is born.

21st December 2013 – by-election candidate Geoffrey Clark is defeated in the election, after the party announce that they will not be supporting him if he wins anyway. This comes after he called for compulsory abortion for Downs syndrome or Spina bifida foetuses as a way of lowering the national debt. He claims that if these children are born they will be a burden on the state and on the family. He is widely condemned by charities and politicians alike.

September 2013 – Godfrey Bloom strikes tv journalist Michael Crick on the head with a brochure and declares that he is racist for the questions he is asking. This comes after speaking at the party conference and declaring many in the room sluts for not cleaning behind the fridge.

7th August 2013 – Godfrey Bloom MEP for Yorkshire and Humber says foreign aid should not be sent to ‘Bongo Bongo Land’. Bloom has quite a history of these incidents and in November 2010 was ejected from the European Parliament after directing a Nazi Slogan at Martin Schulz, member of Germany’s Social Democratic Party as he was making a speech.

Like I said there are a lot that are missing but these are enough to keep you going and sink you further into depression as their poll numbers rise….

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