The Royal Baby: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge

Princess Kate and Prince William leaving the hospital with baby Princess Charlotte
At the weekend, as I am sure you are aware, Kate gave birth to a baby girl weighing in at 8lbs 3ozs and then on Monday Kensington Palace announced that she will be called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

I am not a monarchist; but I do think that the monarchy brings a lot of tourism to our country, especially London, which is beneficial to our economy. Thus they obviously have a role to play in our society and so should certainly be included in our news coverage. Although I find the “Woman has had a baby” news headlines funny, this child is more than just a baby; she could quite possibly be our Head of State. The power of the British Head of State is at its clearest around election time, especially with coalition governments.

Beyond this I appreciated the break from the excessive General Election Coverage. Also, it is nice to have some positive news! I am highly, personally invested in the General Election and I am a politics student so I would say that I am much interested in the outcome than the norm. However, it is seemingly never-ending. Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the adorableness of George wave at us on his visit to see his first sibling. It almost made me broody! How could you not love the father-son matching outfits of the two princes? I also appreciated Zizzi’s pizza of the famous first appearance of the baby Princess. Though that is probably because I am a massive foodie! It only lasted a few days and then we all returned to our obsessive theorising about the make-up of Parliament after the election. So I just want to thank Princess Charlotte for mixing up the news. Not that she will ever read this or care..

Prince George visits his sister

Zizzi's Royal Baby Pizza

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