The X Factor 2012 liveblog: The Final Result

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21.38 Well that's it. Our X Factor journeys are over for another year. Unless you feel like switching over to ITV2 that is...

21.37 Again, I think Nicole's happy.

21.36 Shock! All the other finalists have just walked on stage during this performance!

21.34 I’m sure the other finalists definitely won’t all walk on stage during this performance.

21.33 Jahmene actually looks quite happy not to have won.

21.32 I am in shock. Well done James! Thoroughly thoroughly deserved.

21.32 James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dare we even hope for a smile?

21.31 is...

21.31 And the winner is…

21.31 Now, this is it!

21.30 Well, after we've gone back to Caroline in the audience.

21.30 This is it!

21.28 I suppose now is the time to make final predictions: it's going to be Jahmene. With a story like that, how could he fail?

21.23 I'm starting to think that Dermot is even more bored than I am.

21.21 She's now gone more upbeat, and has taken to just singing the odd word, leaving the backing track to do the rest.

21.18 'How to put an audience into a coma' by Rihanna. In all good shops now.

21.14 Rihanna time! I hope she's brought her umbrella this time. She's going to need it to protect her from everyone else's tears.

21.11 Ooh, another recap. Lovely.

21.06 Phew, another break. It must be a good six minutes since the last one; I was suffering from withdrawal.

21.05 James is crying now. I don't think I can cope.

21.03 You do realise that they're not performing again tonight? And that there are still 35 minutes till the end?

21.01 Louis, can you please stop telling James he's a "ready-made recording artist"? You've said it nine million times already tonight.

21.00 I think Nicole likes it...

20.59 This is definitely showing James as the artist more likely to have a future in the music industry.

20.58 Much better choice of song for James!

20.55 Who isn't crying after that VT?

20.53 Yesterday we had Vote James pizza, today we have chicken Jahmene. And Nicole will be eager to eat both of them, I’m sure.

20.52 Quote of the night: "That was a jahmazing shamoment."

20.50 That was, admittedly, excellent. But would I buy it? Well...

20.48 He is singing well (as are the gospel choir!), but it's just such a boring song!

20.48 Oh it's 'Let it Be'. Great.

20.47 Now here's the single!

20.45 Time for Jahmene's winner single! Oh, actually, we're just having a VT looking back at his entire history. Maybe come back in ten minutes?

20.44 We're now spending time being introduced to footballers in the audience. Yes, it's that bad.

20.39 How can it be another break? Jahmene and James have been on screen for a grand total of about four minutes. Even by X Factor standards, this is appalling.

20.36 OK, I take it back. This is actually very good. And the projections in the background are strangely hypnotising.

20.34 Oh no, not Emeli Sande. Didn’t we all have enough of her after her heptathlon of Olympics performances?

20.33 I never thought The X Factor would be the place I'd see David Cameron making a joke about George Osbourne.

20.32 Breaking news: The winner's single will be a charity single, and each of them is going to have a different song. And David Cameron alert!

20.31 Dermot's giving out the phone numbers. Again.

20.26 I don't know whether to laugh or cry that applications are already open for next year.

20.22 Make some noise? OK. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

20.21 Oh no. It's One Direction. I'm glad I hid all sharp objects before this show started.

20.19 Heavens, we're really padding out now, we're talking to everyone who's ever managed to sell a single since leaving X Factor, i.e. we're talking to three of the previous acts.

20.16 Can Mel B come back full time?

20.15 Does Dermot just say "alright fella, good for you" to everyone?

20.14 Beardless Gary just doesn't look right.

20.12 Here goes Tulisa telling James again how she always wanted an act like James to win blah blah blah. Just go back to N’Dubz, love, we want you here even less than your face seems to suggest you want to be here.

20.11 Loving Louis' reactions to this performance!

20.09 Here comes James! And he's decided that one of his weakest performances (the Marvin Gaye one) was his best. Oh well.

20.05 Or the Aldi one, that'll do too.

20.04 Yes, it's the adverts! Please put the John Lewis one on again!

20.02 Tulisa said he "moved everyone, including the judge's desk". No word as yet as to how the chairs were affected.

20.01 Controversial, Louis!

20.00 Nicole's crying already! And when I say crying, I mean, sobbing uncontrollably.

20.00 Very glad he sang this instead of 'At Last' again. Though the Mariahification is just a bit too much.

19.59 Gospel choir alert!!

19.58 Oh he's telling us how much he loves his mum again. Bless him.

19.57 Jahmene's on first, but seriously who cares? It won't be as good as the John Lewis advert!

19.55WOW! Why didn't anyone tell me how good the John Lewis advert was? My mum's pracitcally in tears at this point.

19.52 In case you're away from the TV, we had a full recap that lasted about five years, and now we're in adverts. Something might happen after the break...

19.50 Why does Louis think it's funny when he says "jahmazing"?

19.47 Hang on, where's Christopher? Are we just pretending he was never in the competition now?

19.46 Ah, it's a medley. Even better.

19.45 Surely Jahmene's going to get to do the ‘All I want for Christmas is yoo-hoo-oo-hoo-oo-oo’ bit?

19.44 Oh no. As I thought/feared, the finalists are doing a Christmas song.

19.43 Nicole appears to be dressed as a mermaid. Tulisa just appears to be bored.

19.42 Here are the judges. And for the last time because it’s the final, you know!

19.41 At least there was no dance tonight.

19.40 I’ve just realised that I won’t have to put up with Dermot O’Leary again for another eight months – now that is worth celebrating.

19.39 If you’re looking for a more concise summary: Christopher’s nana was crushed, Louis told them all they’re in the final, and Caroline Flack nodded. A lot.

19.38 In case you had some sense and didn’t bother watching last night’s exercise in padding, Peter Dickson will now explain, in no less than four days, exactly what happened. Probably to the tune of X-Men: First Class or Inception.

19.38 Here we go!

19.37 Unless Christopher makes a Carrie-esque return, it’s going to be James v Jahmene tonight. My money’s on the latter.

19.35 Hello and welcome once again! Tonight it really is the final – the winner’s going to be announced and everything. Admittedly not for another two hours but what more do you want?

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