Original photos: "Who Am I?" competition

Who Am I ? ©Mila Baer; Image credit: Mila Baer

Mila Baer won a 35mm Practika camera and two lenses, camera bag and manual after her photo was picked for the "Who Am I ?" competition, organized by the University of York Photography society.

"I took the picture with my Nikon D3000. The picture was taken during a trip around Western Mongolia with my family.

Mongolia is usually really dry, and there aren't many roads in the country side so drivers just make there way where it's good to drive. We didn't realize that the ground was being irrigated by the nomads living in that valley so the tires drove deep into the mud. We ended up getting stuck there for over 8 hours (which we would have spent driving otherwise).

The picture was taken when we first got stuck, when spirits were still high. I chose to be lazy and take pictures of the beautiful country side instead, after all I was on holiday :) but living in Mongolia means you get used to these kinds of delays. Our driver had left us, to find some men with a car to pull/push us out, and it took him 3 hours... they didn't do it right the first time and we sunk deeper, which is why it took so long to get us out. At least we had a nice view of the mountains and the glaciers."

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