Week in Games - March 11th

GAME circling the drain

Last week we brought you the news that embittered retailer GAME would not be stocking any EA games past SSX, including the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3. Things are looking worse for the company this week, however, as an internal memo has informed staff and executives to be prepared, should the company go into administration, which could happen in as little as two weeks.

From last Thursday, the stores have been running a "spring cleaning" promotion, in which old stock is sold off at significantly lower prices, which has seriously fuelled rumours of financial trouble and contributed to a drop in stock price of almost 20%. The company is currently seeking a buyout by American giant GameStop, which seems to have so far weathered most of what online retail has thrown at it.

Deadly Premonition seeing a PS3 Release

Deadly Premonition; a cult classic on the Xbox 360 and love letter to Twin Peaks by auteur Swery 65 has had a PS3 remake announcement let slip by Yasuhiro Wada, CEO of a new studio, Toybox Games.

The 'remastering' is said to include Playstation Move functionality, in addition to better graphics and some new scenarios. Deadly Premonition is as an intensely interesting game, and if the remake makes it available to a wider scope of players, then all the better.

Angry Birds bored of conquering Earth, take to space


Angry Birds is a simple game on a pre-existing premise; but it's now a franchise of a magnitude that can't be ignored. And just in case, the already existing format and levels have started to wear thin on everyone's smartphones, Rovio have announced their next project, Angry Birds Space with a rather interesting trailer.

The small amount of gameplay shown at the end implies some gravity-based puzzles and stage design not too unlike Super Mario Galaxy. Additional stages are purported to be available for both free and paid download.

Mojang, Bethesda settle "Scrolls" lawsuit

It's an issue which has gone a bit quiet over the last few months, but you may remember last year that Bethesda, the maker of games such as Fallout and Skyrim (or rather, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) were suing Mojang, makers of Minecraft over the latter's use of the name Scrolls for its upcoming card-game-based title. Bethesda claimed that, due to owning trademark of The Elder Scrolls, this entitled them to the trademark on the word "scrolls", and was compared by many to noted patent troll Tim Langdell, who claimed copyright on the word "Edge" and sued anyone who so much as went near the thing, and was brought down in a hilarious court case where his evidence was found to be fabricated.

Mojang and Bethesda, however, have come to an agreement regarding the Scrolls issue, in which Mojang will continue to be allowed to use the name Scrolls for its title, while promising not to create any Elder Scrolls-esque titles. In return for this, Mojang have accepted that Bethesda own the trademark, and neither side has had to pay any damages.

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