Week in games: March 4th

GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3, continues its downward trend


GAME, the UK's largest brick-and-mortar gaming retailer, have this week announced that they will not be stocking several upcoming games from EA - the final one will be SSX, so Nathan has nothing to worry about there! Still, they are claiming that due to a "supply issue", they are unable to fullfill preorders or offer new copies of Bioware's space RPG for sale. This follows news last year that they will be downsizing several of their stores due to touch economic climates and an increasing trend towards online purchases - Sony's PS Vita, for example, includes the ability to purchase all of its games through the PSN Store.

Customers who have preordered Mass Effect 3 with GAME have been given £5 in store credit on their reward cards, and any costs incurred as a deposit towards the game will be refunded. While the company has been keen to downplay the issue, it looks incredibly bad when they are unable to stock one of 2012's most anticipated titles.

Bioshock Infinite finally has a release date

After 4 years of teaser trailers, and some mild controversy over the female lead's bust; developers Irrational Games have finally announced a release date for Bioshock Infinite: October 16th internationally.

What's more, Sony has also announced that the PS3 version of the title will come with the original Bioshock on this disk. Bioshock's setting and atmosphere are critically acclaimed, so Infinite will have a high bar to meet. We'll know for sure if it'll reach those expectations come October.

Valve rumoured to be working on new console

More bad news for "real-world" retailers now, as it's rumoured that digital-distribution and game development kings Valve are working on a games console. This is particularly interesting given the fact that the company has always been seen as a PC-gaming stalwart. Of course, these are only rumours, but it certainly would be interesting - Valve clearly have experience in video games, from developing and publishing them right through to selling them through Steam. The console is likely to be essentially a gaming-optimised PC which will plug into a TV in the same manner as a 360, PS3 or Wii, or whatever their upcoming equivalents are.

One interesting rumoured fact about the console is that developing for it will not incur a cost for developers - all three of the main companies charge developers for devkits. More information, if this turns out to be true, will likely be released at E3 in June.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 has a new trailer

While the first episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 wasn't received incredibly well, the recent success of Sonic Generations have raised the public expectations for Sonic and his woodland friends.

The new trailer features Metal Sonic (first appearing in Sonic CD), long-suffering lackey Tails, and some rather interesting tag-team attacks. Also giant robot polar bears.

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