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Golden Globes and Academy Buzz

  • Obviously, and most importantly, we have the Golden Globes winners disclosed this week in preparation for that ever-so prestigious event: The Oscars. The main winners here were The Descendants, as Best Motion Picture (drama) and its star, George Clooney as Best Actor. Meryl Streep won Best Actress as (controversially) The Iron Lady. Unsurprisingly, The Artist won Best Motion Picture (musical or comedy) as well as Best Actor (musical or comedy) and Best Original Score. So both are contenders for the statue of the little bald man for Best Film.
©78th Academy Awards Press Kit Images
  • The oldies shone gold too with Mr. Woody Allen walking away with Best Original Screenplay and Scorsese with Best Director. Giving the Oscar drum a lovely little roll, we have a severe competition between A Separation (which won Best Foreign Language Film) and The Skin I Live In.

  • So despite the winners, in my opinion, there is more than enough competition for the, let’s face it, preferred, Academy Awards. With the nominations set for release on January 24th, there is little else on the film world’s collective mind. However, life must go on elsewhere.


  • In the testosterone riddled film The Expendables, only one thing was missing from its formula for the ultimate action/stupid violence/weaponry/guy film/explosion/more violence/guns/cool stuff/further violence goal. That was Chuck Norris. Although we knew him to be present in the sequel, he was having some qualms with the script, claiming it to be ‘too vulgar’. In short, Chuck’s influence has magically transformed The Expendables 2 into a PG -13 (12A). At least somebody is thinking of the children…

  • Who remembers Benedict Cumberbatch? Well, if you don’t, watch Sherlock. As for those who do understand, you will be interested to hear that he stunned J.J. Abrams and his production team when auditioning for the main bad guy role in the Star Trek 2. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s what I call potential.

Films on Release

  • The only notable one worth a grain of salt is Eastwood’s J. Edgar, where DiCaprio turns his talent to another historical figure. I know what everyone is thinking; DiCaprio, as a character with a shady conflict beyond the surface? Not much of a break from his niche. It has received reviews that are as jaded as its protagonist; some great, others not, many impartial. But, as viewers, we owe it to the Clint and Leo to be supportive to their biopic, even if it may be sub-average. It did earn itself Golden Globes nominations which means it must be watchable at very least.
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  • Underground Awakening is also released this week in Reel. Kate Beckinsale plays vampire warrioress Selene, who finds herself in a world where humans have uncovered both Vampire and Lycan clans in an all-out war… From the amount of information I divulge about this film I hope you can conclude the public’s anticipation for it. Mine is limited.

Films on Television

  • For those of us blessed with Televisions, all you are given this week is Big Momma’s House this week on E4, 9pm.

  • Another gift is Megashark (previously done battle with a giant octopus) faces a Crocosaurus in Megashark vs. Crocosaurus. This is classed as a Detective/Thriller… Sounds fantastic, really one for fans of the Sharktopus phenomenon. This is on Syfy, 9pm 20th. I don’t know whether I ought to recommend this or not.

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