Preview: Nothing But Thieves in Fibbers, 30th May

Image credits: NBT Official Facebook page
Image credits: NBT Official Facebook page

At the end of this month, Nothing But Thieves will be returning to York to play one of the intimate gigs planned on their new tour. They’ll be turning the club Fibbers into a rock venue on the 30th of May at 19:00.

Nothing But Thieves are an alternative rock band that formed in Southend-on-Sea and is comprised of Conor Mason (Lead Vocals), Joe Langridge-Brown (Guitar), Dominic Craik (Guitar and Keyboards), Phillip Blake (Bass) and James Price (Drums). The band really broke onto the scene with a series of singles but most notably ‘Itch’, it was during 2015 with their first, self-titled, album, which went to have a sold-out tour. The band really are at the forefront of alt-rock with both critical and commercial acclaim.

Ahead of their second album’s release in September, Nothing but Thieves have come out with a new single and music video for their song ‘Amsterdam’. The single is a perfect example of the band’s different take on modern rock music and the extraordinary video can be watched on their YouTube channel.



If you can get tickets to the gig at the end of the month I would highly recommend it as they are like nothing you will have ever seen before. They previously played at the University of York’s big top event in 2015 and owned every moment they were on-stage. The band have an intensity that’s really missing from a lot of live rock music these days.

If you decide to do the sensible thing and not miss out on the band’s return to York tickets are available from the Fibbers website you can find here.



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