Review: Midnight Special

Copyright: Warner Bros. Pictures
Copyright: Warner Bros. Pictures

Whether or not you’re a fan of ‘traditional’ science fiction – its accompanying monikers of both ridicule and affection often putting new viewers off before giving films a chance – Midnight Special is different. Special, in fact.

Neither wholly scientific or supernatural yet incorporating elements of both genres, Midnight Special is a dark, tense thriller with a few well-timed explosions (plot-wise and literally). For a 12A rating it’s surprisingly deep and brooding, with sparse dialogue and no time wasted on hours of pointless exposition. Instead, viewers are left to piece together the slow, terse opening scenes as a strange young boy named Alton is driven across America by his dedicated father and friend. In this way Midnight Special is far more a film about a father-son relationship than it is anything else. Jeff Nichol’s compelling screenplay often confuses genres throughout the film, defying any attachment to a single theme or trope: is it religious? Philosophical?

So head over to Reel for this year’s biggest, loudest and maddest sci-fi/roadie film that far surpasses Star Wars VII. There, I said it.